A mermaid’s serenade

Original price was: €13.00.Current price is: €4.90.

A mermaid’s serenade

Original price was: €13.00.Current price is: €4.90.

She’s sending out invitations,
making all these annotations,
without pause or hesitations.

A mermaid’s beautiful and bright,
tho her face turns pale with fright,
in the end, she’ll be allright.

The lavish marriage of her dreams,
all-white shells and pinkish gleams,
a silky gown made of beams.

A mermaid falls for a human diver. Determined to be with him, she decides to marry him. But even when plans go awry for her and she must make a sacrifice for her realm, she has no second thoughts. It is our own actions that lead to pollution but we can do something about it. Just like the mermaid did. Follow her friends in a unique quest and learn about the effects of polluting our marine environments.

Author: Zoe Nikolopoulou

Illustrator: Chris Pittas

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Weight 250 g





22 x 22 εκ.


Σκληρό εξώφυλλο από ειδικό χαρτί με υφή




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